Minnesota Chapter of ASM International

2019 - May 15th Brewery Social

Social at St. Paul Brewing

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019
4:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Join ASM Minnesota Chapter and the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Foundry Society as we end the program year with a joint social at St. Paul Brewing (formerly Flat Earth Brewing) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Enjoy an evening of networking with friends and colleagues in materials science, metallurgical engineering, and metalcasting.


4:30 - 5:00 pm Beer sampling
5:00 - 6:00 pm “Cash in” meal and beverage tickets
6:30 - 6: 50 pm Brewery tour (optional)
7:00 pm Growler drawing

Register to Attend

The cost is $26 per person and it includes 1 meal (tacos) from Taqueria Los Paisanos (food truck) and 1 tap beer (attendees will receive two different color tickets when they check-in). There will be a drawing for 2 growlers (1 for each society). Additional beverages are “on-your-own.”

Registrations due by Friday, May 10th at noon.  

Location St. Paul Brewing (formerly Flat Earth Brewing)
688 Minnehaha Avenue East
St. Paul
Registrations are now closed


Farida Kasumzade
Farida KasumzadeMax Consulting Firm $26.00$26.78Pay at the Door$0.00$26.78
Mark Weiss
Mark WeissCrane/ESi$26.00$26.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$26.00$0.00
Joy Clifford
Joy CliffordAFS/ASM$26.00$26.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$26.00$0.00
Lisa Swartz
Lisa SwartzPhysical Electronics$26.00$26.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$26.00$0.00
SteveAbbbott$26.00$26.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$26.00$0.00
Devin Williamson
Devin WilliamsonDonaldson Company$26.00$26.78Pay at the Door$0.00$26.78
Joe Hirvela
Joe HirvelaCPP Minneapolis Oper$26.00$26.78Pay at the Door$0.00$26.78
Dehua Yang
Dehua YangEbatco$26.00$26.78Pay at the Door$0.00$26.78
TravisCarley Foundry$26.00$52.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$52.00$0.00
Randy OehrleinCarley Foundry$26.00
Charity Grubbs
Charity GrubbsKronick Industries, $26.00$26.00Pay Now with CC or Paypal$26.00$0.00
Shawn Conners
Shawn ConnersNorthern Iron$26.00$133.90Pay at the Door$0.00$133.90
Mike McDavidNorthern Iron$26.00
Mark AmlandNorthern Iron$26.00
Jill HamlettNorthern Iron$26.00
Scott HamlettNorthern Iron$26.00
AttendeeAttendee NameCompany NameDrink & Meal TicketTotal FeesPayment MethodAmount PaidOutstanding Balance