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A Journey of Cerium Oxide: From Metallurgy to Medicine (M2)

Sudipta Seal, FASM
  University Distinguished Professor and UCF Pegasus Professor

Nanomaterials have been shown to effectively protect stainless steels from high temperature degradation. However, recently we discovered the unique antioxidant properties of the same rare earth nanoparticles, where it protects mammalian cells against damage caused by increased reactive oxygen or nitrogen species, and has been shown to act as effective superoxide dismutase mimetic in vitro. The redox ability of rare earth oxides has been used in a wide range of applications such as three way catalysis, oxygen buffer systems, sensors and corrosion prevention. This presentation will provide a brief overview of the applications of these nanostructures in treatment of disorders caused by reactive oxygen species. I will also describe how I took this journey from my undergraduate research till now. I will end the talk by discussing pathways to transform research to technology commercialization.

Location Green Mill Plymouth
2705 Annapolis Lane
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