Minnesota Chapter of ASM International

2017 September 20th - Tour ProtoLabs

Proto Labs is the world's fastest digital manufacturing source for custom prototypes and low-volume production parts. The technology-enabled company uses advanced 3D printing, CNC machining and injection molding technologies to produce parts within days. The tour involves a look behind the scenes at one of nine manufacturing facilities that it has globally. The Plymouth facility holds over 300 CNC machines and 30 injection molding presses all within a 170,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

There is no charge associated with the tour, but registration is required. Please note that Proto Labs reserves the right to refuse access to individuals whom it deems associated with its direct competitors.

After the tour, you are invited to Jake's City Grille, 3005 Harbor Ln N, Plymouth, MN 55447 at 6:00 PM. Dinner is "on-your-own."

Location Proto Labs
2600 Niagara Lane
Registrations are now closed


Farida Kasumzade
Farida KasumzadeNaASM Member $0Yes
Steven Axdal
Steven AxdalAbbottASM Member $0Not Likely
Joan AxdalWashington Non-Member $0Not Likely
Paul Nagata
Paul NagataVista OutdoorASM Member $0Most Likely
David Gerty
David GertyConsultantASM Member $0Most Likely
Pankaj Gupta
Pankaj GuptaAbbottASM Member $0Yes
Neal Hanke
Neal HankeMaterials Evaluation and EnginASM Member $0No
Jay Jayashankar
Jay JayashankarCSINon-Member $0Most Likely
Steven Seiler
Steven SeilerUniversity of MinnesotaNon-Member $0Yes
Devin Williamson
Devin WilliamsonEbatcoASM Member $0Most Likely
John Boston ScientificASM Member $0Not Likely
Lisa Swartz
Lisa SwartzPhysical ElectronicsASM Member $0Most Likely
Mike Barros
Mike BarrosErgotronNon-Member $0No
Ismail Akharas
Ismail AkharasErgotronNon-Member $0Not Likely
Joe Hirvela
Joe HirvelaCPP Minneapolis OperationASM Member $0Yes
Dan Grice
Dan GriceMEEASM Member $0Yes
Mark Baker
Mark BakerUTC Aerospace SystemsASM Member $0Yes
Daniel Zinky
Daniel ZinkyProto LabsASM Member $0Most Likely
Mark Weiss
Mark WeissCrane EngineeringASM Member $0Yes
Hugh RobinsonCrane EngineeringASM Member $0Yes
Maruti N. Sinha
Maruti N. SinhaMedivatorsNon-Member $0Yes
Lester Engel
Lester EngelEngel MetallurgicalASM Member $0Yes
James Brusso
James BrussoEngel MetallurgicalASM Member $0Yes
John Murnane
John MurnaneNorthland ComponentsASM Member $0Most Likely
Kurt Schenk
Kurt SchenkMEEASM Member $0Not Likely
Reg Zeller
Reg ZellerErmak FoundryNon-Member $0No
Brian Czech Ermak FoundryNon-Member $0No
Joy Clifford
Joy CliffordASM Minnesota Non-Member $0Yes
Warren Solom
Warren SolomASM MemberASM Member $0Not Likely
Dehua Yang
Dehua YangEBATCOASM Member $0Most Likely
Tony Cremers
Tony CremersCraft Pattern MoldNon-Member $0Most Likely
steve ShadeCraft Pattern MoldNon-Member $0Most Likely
Joe Gibbs
Joe GibbsK&K Metal RecyclingNon-Member $0Not Likely
Mitch GibbsK&K Metal RecyclingNon-Member $0Not Likely
Matt WoessnerK&K Metal RecyclingNon-Member $0Not Likely
John Rosenow
John RosenowUniversity of MinnesotaASM Member $0Most Likely
KenUTC AerospaceNon-Member $0Yes
Tony Bauer (unconfirmed)
Tony BauerBoston Scientific CorporationASM Member $0Not Likely
Jon Rohde (unconfirmed)
Jon RohdeErgotronNon-Member $0Not Likely
Dave Prince (unconfirmed)
Dave PrinceErgotron Inc.Non-Member $0Not Likely
Abhishek Telang (unconfirmed)
Abhishek TelangIntegerASM Member $0Not Likely
AttendeeAttendee NameCompany/OrganizationAttendee TypeWill you be attending post tour meal?