Minnesota Chapter of ASM International

"Materials Challenges for Next-Generation Turbine Engines"

David L. Poerschke, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Approaches to achieve improved performance and efficiency of gas turbine engines imply higher material temperatures and more aggressive conditions along the hot gas path. Thermochemical interactions between structural components and corrosive species in the combustion environment impact their thermomechanical properties. This presentation will introduce the range of materials challenges existing with current materials and will provide perspectives on opportunities for new materials and architectures to overcome these challenges while providing the desired combinations of performance and durability. Particular emphasis will be focused on recent efforts to develop new multilayer, multiphase ceramic thermal and environmental barrier coating architectures to counteract the corrosive effects of molten silicate deposits, and on the opportunities (and challenges) associated with the implementation of SiC-based ceramic matrix composites to replace conventional superalloys.


David Poerschke is an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota. His research focuses on understanding the coupled thermodynamic and kinetic processes controlling the structural evolution and performance of multi-phase and composite systems in complex chemical, thermal, and mechanical environments, and applying that insight to accelerate the discovery of new materials for service in extreme environments. Prior to joining UMN in 2017, he earned his Ph.D. and studied as a postdoctoral scholar in the Materials Department at the University of California Santa Barbara. He holds B.S. and M.S degrees in materials science and engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.  


Location Green Mill Plymouth
2705 Annapolis Lane
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