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ASM Symposium "Materials Retrospect: 100 Years of Advancement"

As the Minnesota Chapter of ASM celebrates 100 years, let’s step back and look at some of the most important materials processing achievements from the last one hundred years. In 1919, steel making was still considered an art where recipes were tightly held secrets and passed down within families. The first home to be wired for electricity in Minneapolis wasn’t completed until 1922 and Bakelite plastics had only just been invented in 1907.

Some impressive materials advancements have happened in the last 100 years, and materials processing is still at the forefront of new technologies. By reflecting on these accomplishments, we can help lead the way for the next 100 years of products. Our speakers will provide a brief history of a specific materials processing advancement, and then talk about the process in its modern form.

The symposium takes place from 8:00 AM to approximately 3:30 PM, with breaks featuring exhibits by our sponsors and the always popular lunch prepared by the culinary students at the college. 

The cost to attend for ASM members is $135. Members from other technical associations and non-members are welcome to attend at the Non ASM Member price of $160. Advertisers and vendors are welcome to purchase display tables to market their services or products during check-in, breaks, and lunch. Vendor display tables are $180 for sustaining member companies and $200 for non-sustaining member companies. The cost includes table rental, seminar admission for one employee of the company purchasing the table, and lunch provided by the HTC culinary students. Registrations for the seminar and vendor display tables must be completed with payment by Wednesday, February 12th. The number of vendor tables is limited to the space available, and the space fills quickly.



8:00 AM              Registration and Vendor Display Table Set-up

8:30 AM              Continental Breakfast and Vendor Exhibits

9:00 AM              Welcome and Introduction

                          MN ASM Vice Chair, Michael Bissen, Abbott

9:15 AM              Session 1 Joe Hirvela, CPP Minneapolis Operation

A Brief Overview of Technological Advancements in the Nonferrous Casting Industry

10:00 AM            Session 2 Scott Wigen, Ryan Chou, and Rudy Pitera, Collins Aerospace

Metal Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications

10:45 AM            Session 3 Dan Grice and Larry Hanke, Materials Evaluation & Engineering

The History of Failure Analysis

11:30 AM            Vendor Exhibits and Networking 

11:30 AM            Lunch (Prepared by the HTC Culinary Arts Program)

12:45 PM            Session 4 Milo Renberg, Cardinal Glass Industries

Glass History and the Float Glass Process

1:30 PM              Session 5 Brian Berg, Boston Scientific

Breakthroughs and Misfortunes in NiTi Medical Device Design

2:15 PM              Afternoon Break, Vendor Exhibits, and Networking

2:45 PM              Session 6 Fariborz Parsi, Winona State University

The Development of the Composites Industry

3:30 PM              Session 7 Mark Weiss, ESi

FTIR Imaging Via FPA in the Characterization of Polymer Oxidation

4:15 PM              Conclusion

Professional Development Hours (5) Certificates Available at 4:15 PM

Location Hennepin Technical College
9000 Brooklyn Boulevard
Brooklyn Park
Registrations are now closed


Matthew Klocke
Matthew KlockeBoston Scientific Non Member $160 ($160.00)None$160.00$0.00$160.00Pay at the Door
Jamie Mariette
Jamie MarietteBoston ScientificASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Ethan Ambroziak
Ethan AmbroziakBoston ScientificASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Lori LaVanier
Lori LaVanierEurofins EAGNon member with Table ($200.00)None$200.00$0.00$200.00Pay at the Door
Neal Hanke
Neal HankeMEEASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Dehua Yang
Dehua YangEbatcoSustaining Member with Table ($180.00)None$315.00$0.00$315.00Pay at the Door
Hayden BakerASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Karen Bennett
Karen BennettAllied High TechSustaining Member with Table ($180.00)None$180.00$0.00$180.00Pay at the Door
Al Swiglo
Al SwigloSwiglo Metallurgical ConsultingASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Jeff Pfaendtner
Jeff PfaendtnerKP EngineeringASM Member $135 ($135.00)$50 ($50.00)$185.00$0.00$185.00Pay at the Door
Mark Weiss
Mark WeissESiSustaining Member with Table ($180.00)None$185.40$185.40$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Bill Theilacker
Bill TheilackerMedtronicASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$139.05$139.05$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Joel Ash
Joel AshFocus Precision InstrumentsNon member with Table ($200.00)None$200.00$0.00$200.00Pay at the Door
Heather Remore
Heather RemoreBoston ScientificNon Member $160 ($160.00)None$160.00$0.00$160.00Pay at the Door
Lisa Swartz
Lisa SwartzPhysical ElectronicsSustaining Member with Table ($180.00)None$185.40$185.40$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Robert Lundquist
Robert LundquistBoston ScientificNon Member $160 ($160.00)None$160.00$0.00$160.00Pay at the Door
Scott Anderson
Scott AndersonMTS SystemsSustaining Member with Table ($180.00)None$180.00$0.00$180.00Pay at the Door
Mark Jacques
Mark JacquesLake Region MedicalASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$139.05$139.05$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Chris Brand
Chris BrandESiNon Member $160 ($160.00)None$442.90$442.90$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Hugh RobinsonASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Lloyd MeissnerASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Dennis Braun
Dennis BraunCommScopeASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Jay Anderson
Jay AndersonElement Materials TechnologyASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Christophe Chandler
Christophe ChandlerWater Gremlin Co.ASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Drew Snook
Drew SnookElement Materials TechnologyNon Member $160 ($160.00)None$160.00$0.00$160.00Pay at the Door
Charly Arkens
Charly ArkensElement Materials TechnologyASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Robert Cooley
Robert CooleyElement Materials TechnologyNon Member $160 ($160.00)None$160.00$0.00$160.00Pay at the Door
Steven Axdal
Steven AxdalAbbottASM Member $135 ($135.00)$50 ($50.00)$185.00$0.00$185.00Pay at the Door
Dan Grice
Dan GriceMaterials Evaluation and EngineeringSpeaker for This EventNone$0.00$0.00$0.00Pay at the Door
Joe Hirvela
Joe HirvelaCPP Minneapolis OperationSpeaker for This EventNone$0.00$0.00$0.00Pay at the Door
Michael Bissen
Michael BissenAbbott LabsASM Member $135 ($135.00)$10 ($10.00)$145.00$0.00$145.00Pay at the Door
Larry Kirchner
Larry KirchnerKirchner & AssociatesASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Karen Olson
Karen Olson Vista Outdoor ASM Member $135 ($135.00)$30 ($30.00)$165.00$0.00$165.00Pay at the Door
Mark Baker
Mark BakerCollins AerospaceASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Rudy PiteraSpeaker for This Event
Ryan ChouSpeaker for This Event
Scott WigenSpeaker for This Event
Devin Williamson
Devin WilliamsonDonaldson Company Inc.ASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Margaret Flury
Margaret FluryMedtronicASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$139.05$139.05$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
Tom Steigauf
Tom SteigaufMedtronicASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$135.00$0.00$135.00Pay at the Door
Thomas E. Johnson
Thomas E. JohnsonRMEASM Member $135 ($135.00)$30 ($30.00)$165.00$0.00$165.00Pay at the Door
Brian Berg
Brian BergBoston ScientificSpeaker for This Event$50 ($50.00)$50.00$0.00$50.00Pay at the Door
Lester Engel
Lester EngelEngel MetallurgicalASM Member $135 ($135.00)None$675.00$0.00$675.00Pay at the Door
Jim MalamenASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Jim HagemeyerASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Vinnie CatlinASM Member $135 ($135.00)
James BrussoASM Member $135 ($135.00)
Larry Hanke
Larry HankeMaterials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.Speaker for This EventNone$0.00$0.00$0.00Pay at the Door
Joe Lefebvre
Joe LefebvreOxford InstrumentsNon member with Table ($200.00)None$206.00$206.00$0.00Pay now with Paypal (3%fee added)
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