Minnesota Chapter of ASM International

MN ASM Treasurer Notes

  • Current & Past Treasurers
    • 5/2005    to    Current
      • Kurt Schenk - Materials Evaluation and Engineering
    • 9/2004    to    5/2005
      • Amarjit Brar - Seagate - Now Retired
    • ?/????    to    9/2004
      • Peter Hakanson - Med-tech inc.
  • Treasurers Reports
    • An End of the Year (calendar year) report is provided to national and is signed by Treasurer and Chair
    • The Chapter and Camp bank account transactions are recorded into an online google docs spreadsheet by the treasurer.
    • A link to a read-only version of the spreadsheet is: https://goo.gl/utImc5   
    • The board has online access to the financial information via the spreadsheet at all times and routine reports are not prepared
  • Financial Institutions
    • Wells Fargo
      • Chapter Checking - for chapter
        • Kurt Schenk - Signing Authority
      • Camp Checking - for Materials Camp only
        • Kurt Schenk and Larry Hanke - Signing Authority
      • Certificate of Deposit - about $6400
        • Kurt Schenk - Signing Authority
    • Wells Faro Audit Ability
      • The WF accounts can be audited by anyone using the following login
    • PayPal
      • Used primarily for receiving credit card payments for event registrations
      • Kurt Schenk and Joy Clifford have full account access
    • Pay Pal Audit Ability
      • The account can be audited by anyone using the following login
      • Many functions do not work with this limited access login

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